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Made for everyone, build anything with multiple pre-built applications.


From scripting to web hooks. Discover Architecture.


Including Architecture & Orchestration Explore Deployment.


Migrate those old Cron Jobs & Scheduled Tasks Find Engineering.


We develop for Android & iOS Get Management.


ASP, C#, Bootstrap, PHP, Node & more Learn Production.


ASP, C#, Bootstrap, PHP, Node & more Unlock Remastering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you ever done any Consulting or Professional Services?

    Years ago, at MSFT, I did do a lot of Consulting. These days I am just happy working for my primary employer.

  • Why can't I buy any services?

    At this time, no services are available to the public. However, you can always register an account. When something starts cooking, we'll let you know.

  • What are you doing to reduce waste?

    We have always been a paper free environment. You can contact us here

  • Why list services if you can not buy them?

    This site provides a demo or template. If you didn't register or can't remember the information, you can use our handy Forgot page, just remember to use the same email you originally made your purchases with.

  • When did you know that Services Delivery work was not for you?

    Unfortunately, travel can take it's toll on all of us. I gave up living out of a suitcase years ago.

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